Estimation of blast vibrations by numerical modelling and signal analysis

Patlatma kaynaklı titreşimlerin sayısal modelleme ve sinyal analizi ile tahmin edilmesi

Güzin Gülsev UYAR AKSOY, Cemalettin Okay AKSOY, Hasan Eray YAMAN

Blasting, vibration, seismic wave, numerical model, mining


Seismic waves carry all the geological and geotechnical characteristics of the units they pass along the route they travel on. Therefore, seismic waves can be called the signature of the route it passes through. If the blasting point is considered as source, blast-induced seismic waves measured at a certain distance from the source can be revealed and this form can be integrated into the dynamic numerical model, the effects that will occur at any point of the model can be predicted. In this study, seismic waves induced from single-hole blast and a group blast consisting of holes with the same characteristics as a pilot blast hole were obtained using particle velocity data obtained from seismographs at certain distances and integrated into the numerical model. The data processing technique used is to estimate the theoretical group blasting data from the pilot data according to the linear superposition principle and compare with the real group blasting data to determine the nonlinear behavior effect on the blast source from the difference. When the results were examined, it was observed that the numerical model results and field measurements coincided. The results of this study will make a significant contribution to the science of rock engineering.

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