Evaluation of potential rock falls with three-dimensional analysis: Example of Oltanbey and Hasanbey districts (Gümüşhane city center)

Potansiyel kaya düşmelerinin üç boyutlu analizlerle değerlendirilmesi: Oltanbey ve Hasanbey mahalleleri örneği (Gümüşhane kent merkezi)

Selçuk ALEMDAĞ, Rasim Taylan KARA, Hasan Tahsin BOSTANCI

Steel Barrier, Rockfall Inventory Map, Rocpro3D, Three Dimensional Rockfall Analysis.


The central district campus of Gümüşhane, located on the Trabzon-Erzurum Highway, has a steep topography, and because of the effect of climatic and morphological structure, frequent rockfall events can cause loss of life and property from time to time. For these reasons, the slopes in some parts of the Oltanbey and Hasanbey districts of the central district of Gümüşhane, which pose a great threat in terms of rockfall potential, were chosen as the study area. In this study, three-dimensional rockfall analyzes were carried out using the RocPro3D program on the lines determined in the rockfall source zones with a high probability of rockfall. As a result of the analysis, it was determined that the rock blocks rolled from the O1, O2 and H1 source rock lines determined at the upper elevations of the study area threaten the settlements and road networks in Oltanbey and Hasanbey districts. With the 3D rockfall analysis, steel barrier was applied as a precautionary structure in the areas determined to be under the risk of rockfall, and the analyzes were carried out again considering the precautionary structures. By examining the results of the analyzes, the safest and most economical different barrier types have been proposed to eliminate the danger of rockfall.

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