Supplemental skeleton revision of Pseudorbitoididae M.G. Rutten, 1935 from mainly Tethyan and partly American provinces

Esasen Tetis ve kısmen Amerikan sahalarında bulunan Pseudorbitoididae M.G. Ruten, 1935’in ek iskelet bileşenlerinin revizyonu.


America, Foraminiferida, Pseudorbitoididae, Tethyan.


The nine genera here described from the Tethyan and four genera from the American and Caribbean provinces have previously been placed within different families of Foraminifera by various authors, namely, Arnaudiella DOUVILLÉ, Sirtina BRÖNNIMANN and WIRZ, Vanderbeekia BRÖNNIMANN and WIRZ, Helicorbitoides MacGILLAVRY, Dizerina MERİÇ, Sirelella ÖZGENERDEM and Cideina SİREL were shown in Lepidorbitoitidae VAUGHAN; Postorbitokathina SİREL and Orbitokathina HOTTINGER in Rotaliidae EHRENBERG; Helicolepidina TOBLER, Helicosteginopsis CAUDRI, Eulinderina BARKER and GRIMSDALE and Helicostegina BARKER and GRIMSDALE in Lepidocyclinidae SCHEFFEN, in spite of the fact that all of them have characteristics of both rotaliid early and orbitoidal adult stages. Thus the growth stages such as rotaloid early and orbitoidal adult stages of the aforementioned general correspond with the known family Pseudorbitoididae RUTTEN and its type genus Pseudorbitoides DOUVILLÉ. Therefore the thirteen genera found in great abundance in the Tethyan, American and Caribbean provinces have been transferred to Pseudorbitoididae RUTTEN.

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