Importance of reinjection in sustainability of geothermal resources and reinjection well locations in Türkiye

Jeotermal kaynakların sürdürülebilirliğinde reenjeksiyonun önemi ve Türkiye’de reenjeksiyon lokasyonları

Nilgün DOĞDU, Oktay ÇELMEN

Reinjection, Geothermal Resource, Sustainability, Reinjection Location


Sustainability of geothermal energy is related with the type of geothermal resources (natural springs, well), usage situations (thermal, residential-greenhouse heating, energy, etc.), amount of use (optimal flow, appropriate pressure-temperature changes), conservation of resources, and is mostly achieved by reinjection of the geothermal fluid returning from usage. It is important to take measures to prevent adverse changes in temperature and pressure conditions in the reservoir to properly remove the fluid returning from use in geothermal areas from the environment and recharge the reservoir. Reinjection should be carried out under appropriate conditions for the protection of resources. In the operation of geothermal resources, reinjection/discharge conditions and obligations are also specified in the provisions of the Law No. 5686 and the implementing regulation. Various studies within the scope of exploration activities in geothermal fields, determining the productionreinjection areas and determination the location of the reinjection wells in conditions that will not adversely affect the production pressure-temperature conditions are of great importance for the sustainability of the geothermal reservoir.

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